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The set contains 60 capsules of the finest organic tea:

  • 20 capsules BIO wild berry tea -Gorgeous wild berry organic tea blend with fruity fresh taste.
  • 20 capsules BIO Earl Grey and citrus tea – fragrant organic black tea with mild bergamot and subtle citrus notes.
  • 20 capsules BIO Jasmine green tea – Flavored organic tea with delicate floral taste and fragrant jasmine.
  • 20 capsules BIO Peppermint Tea – Deliciously refreshing green tea with organic mint.
  • 20 capsules BIO Plum Cinnamon Tea – Delicious colorful fruit tea with dominant plum and hint of cinnamon.
  • 20 capsules BIO Rooiboos Tea – Sweet, gently aromatic organic rooibos tea.

Forest berry BIO tea- fruit tea

A delicious berry tea, you should not put together alone in the forest. Because, we have created a selection for you and made our CUPFRESH forest berry organic tea blend . With this organic tea blend comes a concentrated charge of fruit pleasure of blackberries, currants, strawberries and apple and hibiscus in your capsule. This forest berry organic tea blend has more than a fruity fresh taste, it brings you the fruits of the forest right into your tea cup.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, apple pomace, apple, blackberry leaves, currant concentrate, strawberry juice, strawberry juice concentrate, acidifier: citric acid, blackberry flavor, strawberry pomace, rosehip, currant pulp, strawberry flavor.


Earl Grey & Citrus BIO – Black Tea

With our CUPFRESH Earl Grey & Citrus Organic Tea Blend, you’ll receive a fine, fragrant blend of black tea with mild bergamot aroma and a delicate citrus note. In addition to the wonderful bergamot aroma, our organic tea is refined by a blend of fermented as well as unfermented organic tea (Camellia sinensis).

By the way, the extraordinary aroma of the finest oils of bergamot is in the peel. The slightly bitter fruit belongs to the hybrids of sweet lime and the finest bitter orange. The aroma of bergamot gives our Earl Grey & Citurs organic tea a delightful fragrance with a deliciously fresh citrus note.

Ingredients: Organic Ceylon, organic black tea, organic lemongrass, organic lemon peel, natural organic lemon flavor, natural organic bergamot flavor.

Jasmine green organic tea

A true feast for the senses for green tea lovers promises our CUPFRESH Jasmine Organic Tea Blend. This is due to the scent of jasmine flower and the addition of unfermented organic tea. A sensual, fine, fragrant tea with a floral taste and light cup color for the quiet tea connoisseur. Jasmine is not only a wonderful climbing plant, the jasmine tea is a particularly fine tea blend and is one of the most popular teas around the world. Quality characteristics are the selection of flowers, the time of harvest and the number of mixtures. After midnight, jasmine no longer emits essential oil and at this time is best for harvesting. Immediately thereafter, processing is started. The wonderful aroma gets this tea through a flower bath, by which the essential oils can spread. Here they are in good hands, because these give our jasmine organic green tea blend a wonderful floral taste.

Ingredients: Organic green tea, organic jasmine flavor, organic jasmine petals.

Peppermint Organic Tea- Green Tea

Some say England, the other East Asia is the origin of the peppermint plant. We don’t care, in any case, only select peppermint leaves go into our CUPFRESH Peppermint Organic Tea Blend capsule. Anyone who has ever tasted peppermint leaves will feel a slightly pungent taste. Did you know that under the leaves are created small scent scales? There is the well-known essential oil menthol. By the way, peppermint develops its strongest effect just before flowering. Our peppermint organic tea has a charismatic gentle note “refreshment” with a pleasantly soft and quite full flavor. You can enjoy it hot, warm and also cold. A highlight for tea lovers at any time of year.

Ingredients: Organic green tea, organic mint, natural organic aroma

Plum and cinnamon organic tea -fruit tea

Our CUPFRESH Plum & Cinnamon Organic Tea Blend is a fruit booster with a lot of spirit. We think this blend is an amorous tea symphony with festive, fruity flavor. This is created by the composition of the most delicious fruits, dominated by natural organic plum flavor and a touch of festive cinnamon. Did you know that the plum belongs to the rose family? Well, and the rose is usually known as a sign of love. This is different with the plum fruit, it even stands for igniting love first. Well, then here’s to a cup of loving Plum & Cinnamon Organic Tea with your loved ones.

: Organic rosehip, organic hibiscus, organic apple pomace, sweet organic blackberry leaves, organic cinnamon, natural organic flavor (plum flavor), natural organic flavor (vanilla flavor).

Rooibos organic tea – herbal tea

Our CUPFRESH Rooibos Organic Tea Blend is one of the most digestible and popular teas in the world. Its sweet, gently aromatic flavor brings a touch of South Africa to your tea cup. The national drink of South Africans is somewhat similar to black tea, but unlike black tea, it contains no caffeine. The rooibos itself, belongs to the group of legumes and grows mostly in South Africa. Those who believe that the leaves of the redbush, as it is called in our country, make the tea, are mistaken. It is the branches of this bush that are processed and begin fermentation due to the warm climate, still unharvested. From this unfolds not only the wonderful aroma in your cup, but also the wonderful reddish-brown color nuances.

Ingredients: Organic rooibos

  • Content: 120 tea capsule BIO
  • Ground roasted coffee in capsules
  • Industrially compostable*²
  • 0% Aluminum

Preparation: The capsules are suitable for common Nespresso®*³, Saeco Area and Cupfresh Smart coffee capsule machine.

Scope of delivery: 120 BIO tea capsules Cupfresh Nespresso®*³ compatible tea capsules á 2 g

Please note: Store in a clean, dry place protected from heat. Packed under protective atmosphere.

Weight 1,1 kg
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BIO coffee capsules


Cappuccino, Crema, Decaffeinato, Espresso, Lungo, Macciato

Capsules type

Organic coffee capsules standard

Why does Cupfresh offer organic capsules?

More than ever - we need to think about tomorrow today. Our passion for coffee goes so far that we are convinced that economical use of valuable coffee is just as indispensable as dealing with waste disposal. Serious sustainability, is what we want to stand for. With Cupfresh, we have designed a capsule that combines both. Our Bio Cupfresh capsule is industrially compostable** and offers a biodegradable solution. At the same time, the capsules are well-dosed, aroma-proof and opaque, so that a freshness aroma can be guaranteed. Our capsules not only protect the environment but also the consumer, because they are aluminum-free.

Why our capsules are sustainable?

We use only organic raw materials in the production. These raw materials are produced from various materials in a special process and consist, for example, of corn, starch, cellulose, wood fiber, sugar, polylactic acids and/or natural fibers. Our Cupfresh capsules have been classified as sustainable because they are aluminum-free.

Where is production?

Cupfresh BIO is a 100% organic quality brand of Functional Food Grono Schweiz GmbH, with the production site in Grono, in the Italian part of Switzerland.

We pay attention to QUALITY!

Quality starts with the selection of the growing areas. A symbiosis of supplier, roasting process, time and use of high quality technologies make Cupfresh organic products a special experience. Only selected coffee beans free from harmful substances are used for coffee production. The fresh, Italian roasting as well as the special double grinding process makes the Barista - quality in the cup possible. With the help of a special high-pressure process, the coffee lands in the capsules in a well-dosed manner.

Why roasting is associated with time!

It is not the bean alone that determines the taste of a coffee. It is also the roasting process in combination with the precious commodity "time", which is responsible for a balanced flavor. Therefore, our coffee beans are gently roasted at 220 degrees for at least 20-25 minutes. The exact timing is decided by the roaster, because patience is required here. This process allows the bean to break down unhealthy acids. The process also helps to "get" unwanted bitter substances out of the coffee, which many a coffee drinker may have experienced. This is the secret why our coffee has its special softness and this incredible variety of flavors.

FRESH is not the same as fresh

Already noticed? Once coffee is opened, it loses aroma and flavor. That is, even if you brew the coffee fresh, it is already old. With our Cupfresh organic capsules, we can truly guarantee freshness. After roasting, the coffee beans are stored with sufficient time to cool. Here one also says "outgassing" to it, before they are ground in a special process and portioned immediately afterwards. The Cupfresh organic fresh capsule is deoxygenated, the coffee is poured in and neutron gas is added. A fine special paper from Japan is used to seal the capsule. We call this process "autoprotection", which means an airtight, biodegradable seal thus ensures fresh enjoyment.


We all have a duty to our earth to use finite but also infinite resources responsibly. To this end, as a supplier or producer, we adhere to a code of conduct that not only deals sustainably with resources, but also with people. We have a code of conduct and work with suppliers who respect human rights, take seriously the prohibition of child labor, the presence of occupational safety measures and the conduct of ethically correct business activities are important.

Our certificates - TÜV + OK compost

We have a certificate for our industrially compostable** "CUPFRESH" CAPSULE. This means that we use bioplastic materials in production that enable industrial compostability**. They are certified accordingly according to EN13432 and EN14995 standards by TÜV Austria, the leading European certification authority. Among other things, this awards the recognized "OK compost" logo, which we have also received. The certification naturally also includes all additives, printing inks and other components. If you want to know more about this certificate, click here.

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