FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Where does the coffee / coffee beans come from?

The coffee comes from controlled organic, carefully selected growing areas in the best coffee countries in the world (Ethiopia, Peru, Honduras, Brazil, etc.).

What are the standards for organic coffee?

EU-BIO seal, this certification guarantees that no synthetic chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used in the cultivation of the coffee plants and that the coffee beans are not genetically modified.

How are the different varieties produced? What is the difference in the production process?

The difference between the different varieties lies in:

  • Type of beans - Arabica / Robusta proportions, recipe, utilization
  • Special grinding processes with different mq strengths of the coffee powder (coarse, fine, pre-grinding)
  • Roasting (light / dark roasting, temperature, drum roasting, long-term roasting, as well as roasting degrees)
What material are the coffee capsules made of?

The Cupfresh NPCC capsule consists of

  • Grain
  • Strength
  • Cellulose
  • Wood fiber
  • Sugar
  • Polylactic acid
  • Natural fibers

and are manufactured in a special process.

Why can the capsules be composted?

Since these capsules have been made from compostable** materials.

What about compostability? What does the EN DIN standard mean?

The EN DIN standard states,

  • that at least 90% of desorganic material is demonstrably converted to CO₂ in 6 months.
  • Disintegration in compost: After 3 months of composting and subsequent sieving through a 2 mm sieve, no more than 10% residues may remain in relation to the original mass.
What does aroma-safe packaging mean?

Oxygen is removed from the capsule during filling and neutrogen gas is added. Due to this process, no oxygen and therefore no coffee aroma can be lost. Full flavor and 100% aroma in the capsule.

What quantity of coffee do I choose for the different types of coffee?

On the back of the package we show you with a graphic, which is the optimal amount for each type of coffee.

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